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Rampid Boxers resides on a picturesque 3 ares on the beautiful outskirts  of the famous Barossa Vally wine region here in South Australia. We are a humble kennel with facilities to house 22 boxers  that would be fit for a King . We have also enjoyed great success in the show ring not only with our beloved Boxers but other breeds that Paul has handled .

 Our real interest in dog showing began after my husband Paul had to give up his  soccer career due to his knees .Being the athletic type he tried a number of hobbies from Golf to Fishing, we even bought a boat that never saw the ocean !  Nothing seemed competitive enough for him .So knowing his love for the dogs and his family's background in dog showing and breeding I suggested giving it a go, I thought it was something we could do together. 

  So already having a Boxer as  a pet we decided to stick with the breed . We searched  and searched for a good dog.  Apparently Paul's Great Grandfather who was a little old Scottish man from Dumbarton Scotland who had bred Fox Terriers all his life used to tell his Dad       '' Till cost yi the same ta feed a good yin as it does a bad yin son ''(in my best Scottish accent).    So with that in mind it was about two years later  thanks to Maxine Carter from Phoenix Boxers who Put us in touch with Jenny Davis and Helen Keele from Kesdar Boxers that we got our first bitch unfortunately she didn't like the show scene that much but she was our foundation bitch producing our first Australian Champion in our first home bred litter. Since then we haven't looked back. Our real claim to fame in the Boxer world is owed to Tommy a real ''Affair To Remember''.  Both Paul & him were virtually unstoppable in the show ring, you could feel the presence of them from the car park. With multi  best in shows and specialty wins we'll never forget you our handsome boy!

Now we have three beautiful children Kristen who is 9, Makenzie she is 5 and our little man Archer is 2. All of which are keen little handlers although at the moment only Kristen is of age to compete as a junior 

So we all share the passion here at home the two girls are always willing to learn and help out and are excellent little trainers all Rampid Boxer puppies are already lead trained at 8 weeks old ready for there new home.  We hope someday the kids will follow on and strive to produce  the perfect Boxer with good type, soundness and balance in mind.










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Paul & Denise Cook
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Phone : 0404150877
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